Land, Sea and Sky

Beka Globe

The shoreline is a unique place of convergence where elements of earth, air and water meet the human mind perceiving them. It’s a territory where we are confronted by the enormity and sheer force of Nature, the eternal movement of waves, winds and tides, shaping ancient stone, eroding fragile sands and immovable mountains. Standing on the edge of vast, unknown depths of ocean or lochs mirroring the infinite sky, human scale and time are transformed.

This liberating state of stillness and heightened awareness shifts perception and we begin to see the world and ourselves in a different light. Although not obviously populated by human figures, Humanity is always present in Beka Globe’s framing of land and seascape, actively placing the viewer in the foreground.

Her approach to composition is one of the great joys of her Art, leading the viewer imaginatively into the frame to experience the core of the subject for ourselves. In these uniquely captured moments time is stopped and we are able to explore a different state of being to the ever accelerating spin of everyday life.


Title: Land, Sea and Sky – Beka Globe

Cloth Bound Hardback with Dust Jacket, End Papers and Head & Tail Bands

Size: 280mm x 315mm Landscape.

Pagination: 132 pages printed in Duotone

Limited Edition – 1200 copies – Signed Copies available on Request

SALE PRICE £25 – normally £35 

Post & Packaging UK £10, Global £25

ISBN: 978-1-9997251-0-5